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Support for Email

Email services can be accessed on several systems by the user at the same point of time such as :- home computer, office computer, library computer, a friend's computer, it won't matter; as long as you have the access to internet, you can read the email or send it online. Any of the email service providers, whether it's Webmail, Exchange Mail, Domain specific mail or if it's all still the corporate email will work the same way.

Problem being faced: you've forgotten the login details? How to get to it? Why, this is easy! In fact, there are two ways:
1) You can log in through your email provider home page
2) You can logon to it directly by visiting a simple web address.

Trouble with Mail Sign In
If you are facing issues logging in to your email account because of forgetting your email login — your credentials or even your user ID. What. Here is the good-news, if you did your Email sign up correctly, you usually have two easy options: on your email page, just click “I can't access my account.” This will bring you to a simple page that gives you options for resetting your login credentials or for remembering your user name. That's the good news.

Here's the bad news: when you set up your Email sign in, you were asked to set up secret questions, login credential hints, and an alternative email address to use, and other information. If thats not done, then it becomes an issue for you.

Trouble with Bogus Emails
A bogus mail is one that says that a message you tried to send someone failed—but you didn't send them any such message. There is a possibility that you might have been hit by a virus that has stolen your login credentials on your Email account. There are several ways to protect against this, including:
  • Making sure to use a complex login security credentials that's difficult to guess, mixing letters and numbers and symbols
  • Making sure to change your Email password regularly
  • Making sure you have excellent anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed on your system and up-to-date